Our company or even better our team consists of people passionate with life, their homeland, beautiful moments and a good beer!

We believe that the human factor is the key component of a successful effort and so we invested a lot in forming an experienced group who share the same philosophy and handle brewing as a ritual and not as a simple task.

We treat beer as a living organism, which goes through several life stages until it is ready for consumption and we act to this effect. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to the detailed and daily control of our beer through all production stages, but we also communicate with our beer, we talk and play music to it and we treat beer as an equal part of our group.

Thus, we hope that when our beer reaches your glass, you will not only feel the aromas, the flavors and the freshness, but you will also sense our love and passion.

Our beers are Greek, fresh and non-pasteurized. They are produced in Serres with love and care and carry the flavors and freshness of the North throughout Greece.

Meet them!

voreia beer

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Welcome to the savory world of SIRIS MicroBrewery...

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VOREIA... the beer of Northern Greece!!!

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