Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce and offer beers of high quality standards that will enrich the Greek gastronomy and will accompany your most beautiful moments.

Utilizing the delicious richness and aromas of hops and malts, we produce with love and passion Greek, fresh and unpasteurized beers in unique recipes, aiming at small and not mass production, so as not to deteriorate the flavor, the aromas and the nutritional value of the beer.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the Greek and international market with fresh, high quality and tasteful beers, which highlight the aromas and flavors of the pure ingredients we use.

We successfully apply an integrated system of state-of-the-art production and environmental-friendly processes, having as a main concern to minimize the ecological impact and to respect our employees.

We intend to develop our microbrewery soundly in order to contribute to the local community, the Greek economy and to feature the tasteful richness of Northern Greece.

Our vision

We visualize that our beers will become a reference point in all beer friends and that they will conquer the market in Greece and abroad.

We focus on a slow and steady growth, remaining loyal to our principles and philosophy.

Our beers are Greek, fresh and non-pasteurized. They are produced in Serres with love and care and carry the flavors and freshness of the North throughout Greece.

Meet them!

voreia beer

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