VOREIA Low Alcohol Beer

VOREIA Low Alcohol Beer

Alc. 0.8% Vol. | 0,33 L

A pioneer recipe that combines low alcohol (0,8 %) with rich, delightful taste and intense flavors.

The choice and the combination of special malts in rich quantities shape a full body, dry hop offers vivid flavors of grape fruit, pineapple and mango, offering a sense of an American Pale Ale, while low alcohol makes it perfect for every moment…

  • Alcohol: Ultra low alcohol content (just 0,8 %).


Voreia Low Alcohol is easily combined with lot of foods, such as meat, burgers, tangy, fruity Cheddars, pizza and Mexican food.

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Our beers are Greek, fresh and non-pasteurized. They are produced in Serres with love and care and carry the flavors and freshness of the North throughout Greece.
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