Freedom, Creativity, Imagination, Innovation; These are the characteristics of Happy Brewers, the new beer series of Siris Microbrewery, who encourage its brewers to brew even in their day off whatever they grow up on! Discover unique recipes and enjoy a bit of their craziness!



by HAPPY BREWERS of Siris MicroBrewery

Alc. 4.8% Vol. | 0,33 L

A lager beer specially designed for the cozy moments of IPA lovers…

The clean, stable and balanced lager taste is enriched with a flavor fusion that derives from the generous portions of hops, getting over 5 times a typical lager recipe. Huell Melon hop offers at first fresh melon flavors, while Vic Secret, that is also used in the dry hop, gives additional intense flavors of pineapple, pine and passion fruit.

Enjoy it at 4° C.

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by HAPPY BREWERS of Siris MicroBrewery

Alc. 5.2% Vol. | 0,33 L

Juicy, fruity flavors dominate in this expertly balanced East Coast IPA that adapts its body to host the hop intensity.

Accurate doses of combined malts create an ideal base to support the rich emerging flavors that are gradually added and flood the palate. Mosaic, Centennial and El Dorado hops initially offer fruity flavorful notes of peach, mango and berries, while dry hop completes the sophisticated sense with additional tropical fragrances from Azacca and Citra.

The appealing bitterness in the aftertaste bears out the stunning taste balance, revealing the 60 IBU that have been gently incorporated in an IPA with 5% alcohol degree.

Special designed to inspire your precious moments!

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